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Exercise Physiologist – Belinda Giles

Exercise Physiology, Chronic Disease, Cancer Survival, Mental Health

Tuesday: 8:30am to 5:30pm (by appointment)

Belinda Giles is an exercise Physiologist with 30 years clinical experience.  She has a doctorate in Health promotion, a Masters in Public Health and special interests in exercise for mental health, cancer survival, arthritis, healthy ageing, and careers’ health.  She undertakes professional development in cognitive behavioural techniques and trauma.

Belinda Giles has an interest in home-based fitness programs including resistance, cardiovascular exercise and balance training.  She also prescribes programs and conducts facility tours for patients taking membership in local facilities. Belinda conducts small group telehealth sessions coaching weight loss.  She uses a combination of Action Planning and a cognitive behavioural approach she learned at the Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy and Research, Philadelphia, PA.

Belinda has taught the next generation of Exercise Physiologists and Health Scientists graduating from the Universities of Sydney, Wollongong and Western Sydney. She is an ardent believer in finding exercise you love and takes the advice she gives.  Last year she cycled for 22 hours indoors, climbing the equivalent of Mount Everest in ‘height’.  However, her favourite exercise is walking a food motivated pup back to the straight and narrow.