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A trusted skin cancer clinic for surgical & non-surgical testing, diagnosis & treatment.


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Engadine skin clinic offers complete skin cancer solutions for all individuals. From checks to treatments, our doctors have years of experience in identifying and successfully treating skin cancer patients.

Our medical practice is supported by dedicated staff, offering the highest quality services to ensure you’re 100% comfortable with all processes and procedures. Engagine skin clinic is committed to providing world class services for our patients and ensuring that we do the best to provide the correct advice & advanced technologies to assist.

Skin Cancer Check

We offer full body skin checks by qualified doctorsto identify any abnormalities or areas of concern early on in the process.

Skin Cancer Diagnosis

We safely diagnose any identified areas of concern utilising dermoscopy, digital imaging or pathological processes.

Skin Cancer Treatments

Skin cancer surgery procedures are arranged with our qualified skin cancer surgeons for effective treatments in house.

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Frequently asked questions

A skin check is a thorough examination of your skin by a trained healthcare professional to look for any signs of skin cancer or other skin conditions.

During a skin check, our healthcare professionals will examine your skin from head to toe, looking for any unusual moles, growths, or spots. They may also ask you about any symptoms or concerns you have regarding your skin.

The frequency of skin checks depends on your personal risk factors and medical history. It is generally recommended that individuals with a high risk of skin cancer have a skin check every 6-12 months, while those with a lower risk can have a skin check every 1-2 years.

If the healthcare professional finds something suspicious during your skin check, they may recommend a biopsy to further examine the affected area. Depending on the results of the biopsy, further treatment may be necessary.

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Book a skin check at Engadine Skin Clinic today. Our qualified skin cancer clinic doctors will ensure a thorough assessment , diagnosis and treatment of any abnormalities if necessary.